November 02, 2014

Fall Back . . . & First Frost . . .some lines from my poems. . .

Pathways with tufts in between: Indecipherable 

semicircles                 Earthworms’ neurons.

The frost-maddened bumble bee veers unexpectedly. 
                                                                             "Mowing the Labyrinth"  Verdad, Fall 2014  

They sense the earthworm heartbeats 
through the bottoms of their feet. . .

                        "For Luck"    Persimmon Tree, Summer 2014 

Each verdant remnant 
more spotlit  
more haloed 
as necrotization sets in
          "Lizards of Warning"   On Barcelona, 2013   

A ping of stones spat down
   by addled blackbirds.
Even the clouds mutate . . .

                        "Autumnal Alterations" Blue Five Notebook, 2013