Links to Ann's Poems

The Lock is the Key                   Redheaded Stepchild, January 2018

Rummage Box                            Survive and Thrive, 2017

Hoping for Juniper                      Blue Fifth Review, Fall 2016

Alarm of Buds                            UCity Review 13, 2016
Barrier Breaths 
Holding It In 

Morgan                                      The New Verse News, Dec.1, 2016

Bald Cypress                              UCity Review 12, 2016
Without Ropes

Progressions                               Heron Tree, June 14, 2015

All Versions Are Subversions      Blue Five Notebook, Feb. 2015

Following a Truck Misread as Grief   UCity Review, 2014

Mowing the Labyrinth                Verdad Magazine, Fall 2014

Roan Ticking Hawk,                   Truck, November 2014
Some Pumpkins
Rescue Dog 

For Luck                                   Persimmon Tree, Summer 2014

Autumnal Alterations                  Blue Five Notebook,  Oct, 2013

Signals of Summer                     Cider Press Review, July, 2013

Ornate Molds                             Truck,    March, 2013
 Hover of Nets All Over

Lizards of Warning                      On Barcelona,    Jan 14, 2013

Whales,Unhinged                        Sugar Mule: Women Writing Nature Issue 2012
 Lamb's Ear

Factory Job                                Work Literary Magazine Issue 3.52 2012

Evil Little Thing                           The New Verse News,   Feb 24, 2012

Sans Frontieres                          Shady Side Review,   Fall 2011

Expelled                                    Qarrtsiluni,   July 27, 2011

Egg of Filaments                         Blue Five Notebook,   April, 2011
nominated for Best of the Net

The Baby Graves                        Pirene's Fountain, April, 2011
nominated for Best of the Net

Bits of Advice                              2 River View, Fall 2001

January Thaw                               Best of the Net, 2007

Field Fire Field Notes                    Diagram, 2004