September 19, 2014

Anticipating Autumnal EQUINOX: September 22, 2014: Length of Day and Night is Equal . . .some lines from my poems. . .

...whispers first the word in Russian  
then she translates      Then she translates
for today is Equinox     When I say [Fall] 
she translates  Equal Day not Equal Night.
   "Equal Day" Segue 2006

In their strollers, they insist on standing
up backwards, once they learn how. . .

                                 "Weaning the Babies" The Poetry Storehouse 2014  
                                           &"Weaning the Babies" chapbook 2007 

...All eaters: wary-eyed, devouring . . .
                               ~"Signals of Summer" Cider Press Review 2013 

The closet is empty of blankets (now) 
   the last one given
to a trembling man, white limbs akimbo,
his illness's hallmark labeled “ballistic”... 
                             ~"Dissipation of Oppression" Deep Water Literary Journal 2014

The crack was loud and quick:
The foolish fishermen were blamed
by the rescuers for ignoring warnings.
Once again, someone fell in...

Here, it is snow. A blanket muffles sound... 
                                                                            "Keep An Eye Out"  Verse Wrights 2014